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When it comes to arts and culture, Ithaca's diverse presentations are sure to delight, inspire and entertain visitors of any age!

Ithaca shakespeare company

Offering both indoor and unique outdoor productions! Allow yourself to go back in time and enjoy an evening of truly Shakespearian human emotion and conflict !

The Hangar Theater Ithaca

Located in an old airplane hangar just outside Ithaca, this Theatre has achieved national prominence as a regional theatre producing exceptional plays and serving as a learning environment for rising theatre professionals.The Hangar produces a series of plays and musicals every summer, and hosts a variety of events and concerts throughout the year.

The Kitchen Theater

In 1991, the Kitchen Theatre Company was created as a place where talented and determined young artists could work together and hone their craft. Through thought-provoking works, audiences are challenged to see the world differently and to engage in important conversations. Proud to be voted “Ithaca’s Best Cultural Asset” in the Ithaca Times, it's goal is to create connections and community: connections between the artist and the audience, connections among community members, and connections between the local community and the larger world. This theater strives to being an inclusive, accessible, and actively anti-racist space for artists and audiences alike.

The State Theater of Ithaca

The State Theater was built in 1915 and is downtown Ithaca's last remaining historic theatre! With just over 16,000 seats, this beautifully designed theatre hosts more than 75 national, international and community performances per year.
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