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In 1948, Watkins Glen heralded the revival of American road racing by hosting the first post World War II road race in the United States.  Now, this 6.6 mile track becomes alive again once a year during the Vintage Car Race Festival where many vintage cars take to the streets. Or, if you are looking for a thrill, experience NASCAR and IMSA  car racing on the renowned international race track!

US. Vintage Grand Prix Festival

Takes place in Watkins Glen on the first weekend after Labor Day in early September. The enjoyable event successfully aims to to recreate the atmosphere of the old 1948-52 street races by using the original 6.6 mile road course which leads through the main street!

Watkins Glen International Race Track

Experience NASCAR, IMSA and US Vintage Grand Prix Racing or.....Drive your own car around the race circuit of this renowned International Race track!
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