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SRecommendatifoour Four Legged Guests from Sally and Floyd


There are so many outings that are fun for the four of you!
We love to go on hikes in the nearby State Parks, but we do have to be leashed. The only trail where we are not allowed at all is the Gorge Trail at Watkins Glen State Park.

We enjoy visiting the local wineries and breweries and are regular guests at the Buttonwood Winery, Americana Winery and Brewery, the Grist iron Brewery, Lucas Winery, Wagners Winery and Atwater Winery just to name a few.! Our favorite brewery is the Grist Iron on the Senaca Wine Trail; They love dogs and you are also allowed to visit inside!
During weekends a number of wineries and breweries have live music outside on the lawn so we can be present as well.
When we go to Ithaca we are allowed on the Ithaca Commons but we have to be on leash and tell mum and dad to clean up after you.. The Ithaca Dog Park is a great place to socialize with other dogs. It provides a generous space for big dogs like us as well as a smaller meadow for the small guy's.
We often visit restaurants and most of them allow us on their outside seating arrangements. We are quite popular around here and usually get a bowl of water.
We have been trained to go kayaking with Tom and Inez. But if you haven't you might enjoy swimming in one of the lakes.
You are also welcome to take a swim in our pond across the road, but the goldfish pond behind the Manor is out of bounds!!
We will take good care of you and are looking forward to meeting you!

The Grapehound Wine Tour

The Grapehound Wine TourĀ® is a six-day wine-tasting celebration of greyhound adoption held every July at Seneca Lake. Greyhound owners can spend time with each other and their dogs while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. All well-behaved sighthounds are welcome. You do not have to consume wine or own a greyhound to attend. The proceeds of this wonderful event are in aid of greyhound adoption programs.
There are no attractions to show.